Thursday, April 1, 2010

Fourteen Degrees

It's April Fools Day. We're forecast to be 14 degrees above normal today at 85 degrees. Time to bring out the sunscreen.

I've got two tasks in mind today. Weeding and planting. The first area that needs attention is along the gully side of the perennial bed. I've pretty much ignored this area over the past year and a half. Today, I plan to weed and plant this space. It's shaded for most of the day receiving only late day sun. I'll have to sort through my new seedlings for things that can tolerate hot evening heat. For now, the privet will stay. Eventually, I'd like to remove this and plant camellias, tea olives, and azaleas along this border.

The second area is in the perennial bed itself. The circular portion around the birdbath has some serious weed growth. There's also a great deal of red clover that needs to be removed. I made the mistake of sowing those seeds in the fall as a cover crop. Their usefulness is now over, so I'll till the greenery into the upper potager bed hoping to increase the decomposition and add nitrogen to the "soil". Other areas of the perennial bed also need attention. I started a small section on Tuesday before work. I hope I can avoid the larkspur that should bloom soon.

It's 43 degrees this morning. It's going to be a warm one. No rain in the forecast for the next 5 days with temperatures in the mid 80s.

10:47am - 70 degrees.


Tim said...

The perfect line for April Fools Day. I opened the screen and immediately got concerned! "It looks beautiful outside, but if it's that cold in NC, how bad is it outside???"

Enjoy your day of weeding!

Kris said...

Good grief, Tom. Lookit all that lush green growth. So many plants. You've done a LOT of work on your beds and they are really paying off. Enjoy the nice weather. It's supposed to actually hit 81 tomorrow here. (But I'll believe it when I see it...;-D )