Monday, April 5, 2010

More new growth.

On the front slope, the daffodils are stealing the show.

A few interesting ones have popped up in the past few days. This one has three blooms on each stalk. There are 4 of them that I found. The centers are ringed with orange.

More hostas are emerging.

The Aucuba cutting I made last year is almost a foot tall now. It's really shot up in the past week.

A hydrangea in the corner with heuchera. I've never seen the hydrangea bloom. It's a mophead variety.

Columbine. It was labeled "purple". This one was wintersown December 2008.

Ginger lilies. I moved them a month or more ago as soon as I saw new growth. They need more sun than I had given them. I hope for many fragrant blooms this year.

It's 54 degrees. The high today should again reach into the mid 80s. There's a chance of afternoon thunderstorms around 3pm.


FlowerLady said...

I just love and enjoy seeing your gardens come to life. How exciting that would be to have every year. I am waiting on some things to start showing new growth, and keep looking every day.

Your weather is still nice and cool, ours is warming right up. Our high is supposed to be low 80's today.

Have a great week at work and in your gardens.


Tim said...

Everything is popping! These daffodils are just trying to prove you wrong, after saying they're all boring yellow....the special ones are just hiding!

lkw said...

It's amazing how compressed spring seems this year, but it's like magic, watching things pop up and grow. I like watching the columbine flower stalks and fern fronds unfurl!

compost in my shoe said...

My hostas are also popping out of the ground. The clean, fresh foliage gets me all excited. Love this weather.