Sunday, April 18, 2010

His mama named him Tommy

The folks just called him 'Yellow'.
-Kenny Rogers

I've got two kinds of yellow roses. Sunny Knockout opened its first bloom yesterday. It's funny. I never even noticed the bud. I think the fading daffodils had me confused.

Golden Showers on the perennial arbor is budding. This is a reblooming climber.

The last "last" daffodil has opened. I think. Maybe there will be another later blooming variety after this one. These came from the mixed bags I planted in the fall. Ignore the weeds. They'll be gone soon.

The last daffodil, the one that bloomed before the last yellow one has a touch of yellow in the center. Both of these have multiple blooms per stem.

The Amur Honeysuckle also contains yellow. It's not much, but the fragrance is lovely.

This bearded iris came from my sister's house last spring. I had to clear a bed of them when I planted her round flower bed. I remember them all being brown. I don't have a very good memory, obviously.

Out near the street, this has appeared. I'm not sure what it is. I know I planted a rooted weigela in that area. I don't remember anything being this color. I like surprises.

The latest columbine bloom has a hint of yellow with blue streaks.

Speaking of blue, Blue Girl hybrid tea rose is budding.

Lagerfeld is finally open and looks as it should, a pale lavender with a delicious fragrance.

Soon, the pink rose I moved from the woodsy area last spring to the perennial bed arbor, then the front porch, and finally to the swing out back, is about to bloom. I hope this year to have it identified. There will be lots of blooms. It's covered in buds.

After work yesterday, I repotted most of the tomatoes into individual containers. They're still tiny. I gave them a very weak dose of transplant solution. I also stuck cuttings of euphorbia in the cloner. I'm hoping they take root. My seeds didn't germinate.

Poncirus trifolata, or Hardy Orange, has germinated well. I'll be planting these out in the gully to discourage the neighborhood kids that have twice decided to play hide and seek on my property at night. The 1-2" thorns are deadly.

It's 45 degrees. The high today should reach the mid 70s. Still no rain to speak of. Maybe Tuesday.


The Gaudy Garden said...

I hope you have your knockout planted near the asphalt. ;P

FlowerLady said...

Wonderful blooms Tom. Yes, a thorn boma sounds like a great idea. I had to look up boma to make sure I was talking about what I thought I was. :-)

Definition of a boma ~ An enclosure usually made of thorn bushes, and latterly of steel fencing, for protection from marauders.

Hope you Sunday is a good one.


Bangchik said...

Judging by the number of seedlings, gardening will soon be fun. Good luck!

Cameron said...

That gold leaf looks like a hydrangea, but can't be sure.

You have so many beautiful plants and seed starts! I don't know how you keep up with all of your labeling.

Randy Emmitt said...

Your tall daffodil looks like Stratosphere a jonquil daff. We have 10 of them and they are wow right now!

Michelle said...

Things are looking lovely! love all the roses and that columbine!

janie said...

"His mama named him Tommy.....
The folks just called him 'Yellow'."

WHAHAHahaha! I thought you were going to tell us that today was your birthday, and I had a lovely congratulatory message composed.

Beautiful pics. Isn't it a surprise when you look for things that are the same color in your garden?

ChrisC said...

Love the title of your post!
And I just love yellow in the garden.Your roses are stunning!

gld said...

You will enjoy the 'Lagerfeld' rose; I had one for 15 years before it finally succumbed. I think it was the longest lived hybrid tea I have ever had. I want another. I am considering just a small rose bed of just hybrid teas that have great fragrance. Lagerfeld would be on the list.