Thursday, April 1, 2010

It's too hot.

It's 84 degrees and the sun is baking everything. It's too warm to plant out as much as I had hoped. Many of my wintersown seedlings still aren't ready. I did put out some echinacea Harvest Moon, Columbine, Painted Daisies, and a few others I forget. The majority are just sitting there still. Maybe next week.

I did mow the yard again. The wild onions and clover were getting out of control. In the backyard, I found this little blue flowering thing. I'd love to know the name.

On the front slope, the violets have taken off.

Around the oak tree in the front yard, the Purple Queen is returning. All those little green sprouts are Dayflower. Ugh.

I did a lot of weeding in the perennial bed. It's presentable now. Along the privet hedge, I planted some ferns I collected from Robert's property yesterday. They're just starting to unfurl.

The red clover went into the upper potager bed.

I tilled it into the existing leaves and soil. There's still some cardboard that hasn't broken down. I also built teepee trellises for pole beans and put my metal trellis back up for the cucumbers I'll sow in a few weeks.

The long view.

I used UV safe nylon clips to finally attach the concrete wire trellis to the four posts. I've got plans for a few vines this year including Morning Glory.

Near the swing, I noticed cosmos seedlings. There are lots of datura seedlings too.

Self sown Four O'clocks are popping up in the Shady Corner. A few more weeks and I'll stuff that area with brugs. A few hydrangeas that were rooted last summer survived. No sign of the variegated one yet.

I've had a nap in the hammock and have the sunburn to prove it. I've eaten lunch and am thinking about dinner. I'd like to do some more in the yard, but there's laundry that is calling my name right now. I'm tired, ya'll.


cat said...

i really need potager bed as big as your's for my cukes and beans as well...maybe i'll get j on that! yeah right! hahahah

everything looks really good T!

Phillip said...

I sure hope winter doesn't go straight into summer without a nice spring. It is too hot here too. Your garden looks great. I love the post and the copper trellis. I'm doing some raised bed vegetable gardening at my mother's house. Is 6" deep enough to grow most vegetables? I notice yours look deeper than that. The information I've read says that 6" is sufficient but the beds I've built look too shallow to me.

compost in my shoe said...

It was in the mid 80's here yesterday and reminded me of what is to come soon. I don't care, just glad to be warm again.

Tom - 7th Street Cottage said...

Phillip, in my soil, I have to dig down at least 12" because of all the rock and hard packed clay. Most veggies will be fine with 6" or so. Check out the depth of the Engineered Garden's containers. He does a lot of shorter raised beds too. You just have to use really good soil.

Amen Compost. Warm is good. I can stand the heat.

Thanks Cat. Hope everything in Austin is doing well.

Phillip said...

Okay, thanks for telling me about this blog. He is from my hometown which is about 20 miles from where I live now. How funny!