Sunday, April 25, 2010

The tomatoes are in.

48 plants went into the lower potager beds this afternoon. Here's Granny Cantrell.

The peonies are about to pop. These will be red. I also have pink.

The orange rose is ready to bloom. Yes, I have aphids. No, I don't spray. The ladybugs are here. I might hose them off with a jet of water at some point.

The 6th Street fig is doing well.

All that's left besides a container of hosta, 4 6-packs of impatiens, and some tree/shrub varieties still in the shade. I even planted out some Cornus florida today. 54 of these containers hold sunflowers for the upper meadow and butterfly slope between the potager beds. Others have 6-packs of pineapple sage, petunias, and celosia. I'm hoping to get them all planted by the end of the week. The long boxes in the front are my window box planters. I put them inside the wood boxes I built last year. I'm waiting to make sure I have plenty of growth before moving them to their permanent location.

The rain tonight will probably stay north of us. It's 72 degrees and clear. Great day.


FlowerLady said...

Your gardens are going to be stupendous this year. Love your peony and rose buds.

We are having a thunderstorm as I type. I think it's supposed to be like this all day today.

Hope you get some rain.


gld said...

Glad you got all that work done!
We have had two cool rainy days and it is too wet to work outside here.

I love the Granny Cantrell tomato.
I have several varieties going but won't get them out until mid-May.

We are having some 40° nights.

I can almost imagine how things are going to look say mid-June. It is going to be wonderful.