Thursday, April 15, 2010


My theme today is shades of pink.




Miss Kim lilac.

There are others. Some were blurry. Some were yellow and white. Dutch irises are starting to bud. Dame's Rocket is blooming, but hard to capture. Amur honeysuckle is not as fragrant as I recall.

It's 39 degrees. Yesterday was cool and windy. Today should reach 80. I've got my list of things to accomplish.

- clean the cloner. take cuttings
- toss the wintersown containers with no sprouts
- plant the hostas along the front walk
- mow/edge/blow
- plant beans, squash, and cucumbers
- separate and repot tomatoes

Every blasted year. - The city sends some guy on a tractor with whirling blades to "clean up" the growth along the street next to my property. He just finished his awesome work. Good job, dude.

He made a second pass to make sure he took out this huge mock orange shrub that was starting to bud.

And the sweetshrub that was loaded with blooms.

Thank heavens he left all the privet and honeyscuckle. I'm gonna sow cosmos seeds this afternoon. See how they like that.

9:00 am - The cloner has been cleaned and the beans are soaking.


Darla said...

Glad you have a day off...although by the look of your list you won't be resting much..

FlowerLady said...

It sounds like you have your days work cut out for you. I'm sure you will enjoy the day. Love your blooms once again. Lagerfield is beautiful, as is the Columbine and Weigela.

Can't believe you are still having 'cold' morning temps.

It's only supposed to get up around 79 here today and tomorrow. We've been having absolutely wonderful weather.


Dar said...

Your list looks like mine...too many irons in the fire. Take care of your back with all the hard work.
Love the pinks. Am so fond of the weigela.
I hate city and county clean-up. Good grief. I hope you can rescue what's left of the mock orange and the sweetshrub. I'd give it a go.
I have never soaked the bean seed before, interesting.
Take an occasional break throughout that huge list.

Anonymous said...

I hate it when they use those bloody mowers to "clean up" the roadsides. They do the same thing here. Your pink blooms are beautiful -- I can smell that lilac!

Phillip said...

It is wild that the roses are beginning to bloom already. Those mower people really run my blood pressure up.

LeSan said...

Wow, I can't believe you have roses and columbines already. It looks like summer over there. By the way, speaking of summer, do you even own a hammock? Go out there and lay in one once in awhile. LOL You deserve to enjoy all your hard work from a horizontal position once in awhile. ;-)