Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Figs, peaches, and ginkgo.

Rooted last spring in an outdoor sandbox, the unknown Sixth Street fig is showing signs of producing a nice breba crop.

What I still think are Black Mission cuttings (maybe?) have nice large leaves. I took one of these to my mom on Easter.

The tips from Black Mission cuttings are rooting just fine. I potted these last week after leaving them in the hoophouse most of the winter.

Shy baby peaches are afraid of the camera. The tree is absolutely loaded with swollen growth at the base of many flowers.

The ginkgo seedlings were moved about a month ago from the spot at the end of the driveway. I had tossed an unsprouted container into the edge of the woodsy growth there last spring. I was able to move 3 plants. All three have leafed out in the gully where I planted them.

Finally, Dogwood seedlings are up and growing in several containers. There's also about 20 sprouts in the winterberry container. We'll see if they're actual winterberry seedlings or if some weed made its home there in a few weeks.

It's 59 degrees. The high today, 94. Yes. 94. Let me say that again. 94. I'm going to see a woman about some poo for my beds this morning. Horse poo.


Tammy said...

Token, your cuttings look fantastic. I am glad to see your figs looking so good. I checked my crabapples the other day and they are budding out, but the one I looked at had no roots starting yet, that I could see. I am also waiting for my hubby to haul some HM from the neighbor by this weekend.94! I am jealous. We had one day it was in low 80's. But even in the 70's I'm not going to complain.

Darla said...

Everything is growing wonderfully for you...I'm not a bit surprised though. Hope your Mom hasn't mowed over the plants you took her. Gotta get that poo!

Darla said...

Oh, only 89 degrees here yesterday!

Anonymous said...

Your cuttings and seedlings all look so healthy! And that's no poo! ;)