Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Travel Day.

Today I'll be heading to Robert's to help him with some projects in his yard. We're going to plant some shrubs, decide on some planting bed layouts, and I'll give him some suggestions for future plantings. In my own yard, spring is advancing rapidly.

The irises are growing almost daily.

Gold Flame Spirea is putting out new foliage.

Variegated Miscanthus is returning.

Ligustrum Howardii has tons of new growth. These were purchased from the clearance rack last fall with a few leaves and lots of sticks.

Even the Japanese Maple is leafing out.

The first of the returning hostas has emerged.

It's 39 degrees. We should see a high again in the upper 70s. Tomorrow, I'll spend most of my day weeding the perennial bed and planting out as many containers as I can manage.


Darla said...

Have fun helping Robert...are you going to feature his yard? Your gardens are enjoying the warm up! Love seeing all of the new growth.

Tim said...

I can't imagine how you find time to help someone else with his garden!