Monday, April 12, 2010


Everything is parched. Last Thursday we received a little rain with the passing storms. It's been a while since we've had any real precipitation around these parts. Everyone's complaining about it. Too bad the winter rains couldn't have been spaced out a little better to help us now that the temperatures have increased. This week, our next chance of rain is on Monday, a week away. I'll have to pull out the hose and water a little every morning. I hate doing that.

The purple columbine I sowed in December 2008 is about to bloom. I sowed more this past winter and hope to have several more planted out as soon as it looks like rain is likely.

It's another cool morning at 41 degrees. At least the pollen seems to be taking a break. The air is clear and crisp, as it should be.

8:39am - Beefsteak and Rutgers tomatoes have been transplanted into single containers. The seedlings are still so tiny. I gave them a weak dose of fertilizer yesterday. I'm hoping to see some growth soon. Granny Cantrell seedlings are the tallest at about 4" with lots of leaves. Last year, I had 2' tall plants going into the garden about this time.


Anonymous said...

We need rain here in eastern Canada as well, though I sort of hate to see the beautiful sunny days disappear for any length of time. Your columbines are spectacular...gorgeous colour.

denise said...

isn't is always this way? i knew as soon as someone starting planting the rain would stop. oh well. here we go again.

L. D. Burgus said...

That columbine is a beauty. I have the wild columbine and that is all that seems to survive our zone. It is coming up right now.

gld said...

Tom, I am watering as we speak and have been since 8:30 this morning....the vegetable garden.

I love the color of the columbine.

It seems we either get way too much rain (last year) or not enough.

That was me complaining, a useless waste of time!

Randy Emmitt said...

I'm trying to get grass to grow, good grief rain will ya! Watering everyday is getting so old. We have a well and a nearly full pond at least. The neighbor up the hill her well went dry a year ago or so, she lives by herself and does not water. Now she has a 750 ft deep well! Ours is 250 or so.