Sunday, April 25, 2010

Oh yeah, it rained.

I wasn't here to enjoy it, but the storms over Charlotte were loud enough to wake me up last night. I was visiting. When I arrived back home this morning, the 3/4" of rain we received had sent everything into overdrive. There's a lot of new things popping up now that the ground is wet again. The gully has a lot of surprises.

Tomatoes and castor beans.

Squash? Or cucumber?

Of course there's datura.

And pokeweed.

Mimosa tree seedlings are all over the place. I'll let a few grow. They can get out of hand with the reseeding.

In the garden, Pride of Barbados survived being planted out weeks ago and receiving very little water. It should take off now.

Petunia seedlings. That must have been one virile specimen.

Cucumbers and beans are up in the potager.

I'm finally going to plant out some tomatoes. More showers in the forecast this coming week.

Near the basement door, the fragrant bed is germinating great. Four O'clocks, datura, and what I hope are nicotiana seedlings have grown since yesterday. They like the rain and the horse poo.

I'm starting to be very happy with this corner of the perennial bed. Last year it was a mess of struggling plants. It's a dry semi-shady corner with very acidic soil from years of oak leaves. I spread wood ashes all winter and transplanted a few shade tolerant perennials this spring. It's filling in nicely.

It's 72 degrees and windy. More rain possible this afternoon and evening. I'm going to plant out a few things today, at a very leisurely pace. No reason to rush.


Randy Emmitt said...


We got a good bit of rain also. My new zebrine banana I planted yesterday opened a big new leaf this morning!

Pull all the mimosa you can, the roots can ge very deep and will regrow. We bulldozed our huge ones out two years ago, found some 6 foot roots from them with sprouts on them a week ago. The pokeweed lives unless you get all the roots.

David - Pinewood Cottage said...

i thought the same thing about the mimosa - get that stuff out of there. the perennial bed is amazing!

Chandramouli S said...

I think that's a Cucumber! Wow! So many growing! You must be real busy! Happy busy gardening!