Friday, April 30, 2010

Morning Light

Red Valerian. The blooming stalks have grown a lot in the past week. I really like this plant. I hope it spreads into chaos.

It has a home with other pink and red blooms. I didn't plan it that way. I like the outcome. The transition into summer should be interesting in this bed. Self-sown datura seedlings are up. Great Blue Lobelia has been planted in hunks. Perilla is present. White Four O'clocks have reseeded heavily. Echinacea and Black and Blue salvia will turn this bed into a cool oasis from the hotter reds and yellows near the street.

At the other end of that space, the foxgloves are beginning to bloom. They are shaded until about 6pm when the hot afternoon sun hits them.

These are a creamy yellow. I was hoping the purple one survived the move late in the winter. I think it was too wet.

Yvonne's salvia seedlings, I hope. If not, they are S. subrotunda. I'm okay with that. It's a nice plant. The goldfinches love the seeds. The hummingbirds love the nectar.

A stray larkspur seed has grown into a 2' tall specimen. I avoid it every time I mow.

This poppy found a home in between the stones I use for edging.

Pulling back a bit, the garden glows in the early morning light. It's my favorite time of day to take photos.

I did find time yesterday to mow the paths and the front lawn. It's 45 degrees. The high today will be 84.


Darla said...

Love those stray plants. Everything is looking good Tom.

Tammy said...

Tom, that last photo is absolutely magical! You have done a fantastic job.

The Gaudy Garden said...

You have come so far! I remeber when you didn't know what valerian was when I mentioned it to you on GW. But, I never knew there was a red variety. Is the red fragrant? My valerian only spreads by seed.

Bangchik said...

I like the color scheme. It combines and blends well.... ~bangchik

Ginny said...

Your early morning photo is so pretty! That's also my favorite time of day to take photos - sometimes I'm late for work because I can't tear myself away.

Phillip said...

I love the last photo - what is that blue flower in the bottom corner?

Sue said...


Love it--the colors are wonderful.


Tom - 7th Street Cottage said...

Thanks Ya'll.

Jim, if you want some seeds, let me know. I haven't collected these before, but I'm planning to. I love this plant and really want to let it reseed in this shady corner with reckless abandon.

Phillip, the blue is Mountain Bluet (Centaurea montana). It reseeds well too and spreads. That clump came from three tiny hunks of seedlings I set out in January 2009. They bloom the first year too.

Kris said...

Tom - that new banner pic is gorgeous!

David - Pinewood Cottage said...

i've said it before - your photographs of garden views always look like poetry. I remember the photo looking out of the window in the fall - now this last photo sings, and buzzes of Spring. Great Job!

Jen said...

LOVE that last photo!

sweet bay said...

That last photo is amazing. Until I came to your blog I wasn't sure if Mountain Bluets or Red Valerian would do well here. You've convinced me to try them.