Monday, April 26, 2010

The Hammock

While I'm waiting on the next round of blooms, I've taken to spending a fair amount of time laying in the hammock. It's located between two white oaks in the backyard at the edge of The Wild.

Until 2pm, it receives dappled sun through the dense canopy of oaks, maples, magnolias, and what I think are Black gum trees. Probably planted too close, there's a Leyland Cypress that will some day provide afternoon shade.

In the hammock, the sky is barely visible to the East.

From the driveway, it's hidden from view. As the roses and potager fill in, it will disappear completely.

In summer, a cool breeze flows through the Wild. It's dark and cool back here. English Ivy and periwinkle cover the ground. A few redbud seedlings have been spotted this year. They'll be moved next spring to the edges of the thicket where they can get a little more sunlight.

Laying in the hammock is where I get some of my ideas. One came to me a few days ago. Why not plant one of the Foster Hollies in the shrub island. Something would have to be moved. Maybe that dwarf loropetalum that's going to be swallowed up soon. It now resides at the base of the Muskogee crape myrtle which blooms lavender for 100+ days. The fall coloring is bright orange to red and is spectacular.

It's 63 degrees. The high today should reach into the upper 70s. I've already watered the tomatoes I set out yesterday. I also watered the upper potager where beans and cucumbers are up. Squash will arrive next. The nasturtiums have already started to sprout in between.


FlowerLady said...

Your hammock looks very inviting and I can see why you can get ideas from resting there. I love your place, with the woods behind, and different areas. You have done a GREAT job Tom.

Enjoy ~ FlowerLady

NellJean said...

Everything looks good from the hammock. That reminds me that I have to get outside and get busy.

We got a total of 1.1 inches of rain Saturday and Sunday. Have to really crank up.

GardenGoddess said...

Your hammock looks like heaven, a great place to recharge....the green and the breeze so peaceful and soothing.

Anonymous said...

There's little that can compare to the relaxing sway of a hammock. They should be required in every garden. :)

Ginny said...

What a wonderful relaxing spot. I have an area in my yard with ivy and periwinkle underfoot and shade overhead but the trees are too far apart for a hammock. My father had a hammock between two pines near the water's edge at the family home on Lake Norman. It was the most relaxing place on earth!

compost in my shoe said...

A well placed hammock is a process that once the perfect spot is found is well worth the effort.