Thursday, April 29, 2010

The last of the cold.

I hope I'm right. It's 37 degrees this morning. No frost, thankfully. By 9am, it will be 50. By noon, 70. The rest of the week looks great.

This afternoon, I will mow the yard after work. It's become a jungle out there. Small dogs are getting lost in the grass and weeds that are the paths between the beds.


Cameron said...

It was 36 degrees here this morning. Just a bit of light frost, so I washed off the leaves of the roses and Japanese maple. I don't think any damage was done. comes the real heat this weekend.

gld said...

I guess you all are getting the cold front we had a few days ago. No frost! So far the fruit trees are safe. I hope that was our Blackberry Winter (cold snap when they are blooming), my blackberries are in bloom.

It will be 80° here today and 40mph winds....I won't be getting much done outside.

L. D. Burgus said...

We are having cold nights and hotter days now. Today it was almost 80 and it will bring storms tonight. The grass is starting to require a lot more mowing.