Friday, June 19, 2009

Two Days

Two days off and I got almost nothing done. Two more days and summer will officially be here. The next two days are promising to be hot. 95 today. 97 tomorrow. Let's do this!

I managed to get the first two posts set for my picket fence along the driveway yesterday. Big plans for this area over the winter when things go dormant. Some plants need to be moved. I hadn't planned for a fence or posts when I planted the Burford Holly that is right where I need to dig a hole.

I'll work on this project as time allows over the next few months. I'm in no hurry. Certainly don't want to move new shrubs in this heat. It's not good for either of us.

Yesterday, my first cucumber.

My first beans.

More squash.


Castor bean blooms.


Malva zebrina.

Lots of datura buds out there.

Cardinal climber has reached the top and continues to grow. About 1' per day is normal this time of year with sufficient water. The first blooms should appear in a week or less. The hummers will be all over this thing.

My last attempt at growing hollyhocks. I pulled them yesterday.

Doing laundry before work. Need to wash a couple of dishes from last night. Trying to reserve my energy for the day ahead. I need a new hat.


Kris said...

Tom, are those first-year hollyhocks? If so, they won't bloom until next year. My last year plants (started from seed) were no bigger than yours by the end of summer. This year they are almost 6' tall and have tons of buds. I can't wait to see what color they are....

Dirt Princess said...

It is almost too hot to work outside right now. I dunno about there, but the humidity here will make a 97 degree day feel like 107. I try to get out early in the morning or late afternoon, like after 7. I got in my car last night at 8pm and cranked it up and the temp said 111. Granted it takes it a few minutes to regulate, but still....thats hot. I think it finally decided on 98