Tuesday, June 16, 2009


It's overcast and drizzly today. Last week I took some photos of a few orange things in the garden. More orange will arrive later in the season in the form of brugmansias and crocosmia.

Ditch lilies by the mailbox.






Rain and thunderstorms expected most of the day. 70 degrees and humid.


gld said...

Interesting carrots!

BTW, your Yvonne's salvia is way bigger than mine! I am hoping it reaches at least 48 inches. I have it in a hidden spot in front of the propane tank.

NellJean said...

I'm glad you clarified your 'Ditch Lilies.' The double orange is so much better behaved than the old stoloniferous single orange. It was one of MIL's favs and we still have bits of them at various corners that the mower misses.

One bloomed the other day with gardenias. Perfect.

Tom - 7th Street Cottage said...

Nell, my ditch lilies along the retaining wall are all singles. The ones by the mailbox are doubles. Not sure how that happened since they were all dug from the same spot. I guess it was just meant to be. :)

gld, I started my salvia indoors in March. The wintersown variety is a little smaller and just now starting to bloom.

Anonymous said...

Your lilies appear to be doing very well.

The carrots look great. I think I may try growing them next year.