Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Green in the garden is more than just the foliage of blooming plants.

Green and yellow miscanthus.

Miscanthus - 10' height variety. Planted two weeks ago.

Japanese blood grass.

Pampas grass. This needs to be moved this winter. Will be replaced with a variegated miscanthus.

Gold bar Miscanthus.

Castor Bean

Anise Hyssop - Golden Jubilee.

Sweet Potato Vine. Blackie is the color I wanted for the doors and shutters.

Hollywood Juniper

Green Zebra

Green nicotiana

Golden Barberry

Elephant ears.


Ficus tree and "mosquito plant", or scented geranium.

Jackie's spirea

Nell's Alternanthera

Lamb's ear.


Laura said...

Your post reminded me of a customer that I dealt with at my old job- she came in asking for a green bush (she apparently saw a specific plant and wanted one). I felt like I was playing 20 questions trying to figure out what she wanted! There are so many different colors of green and textures of leaves, size of plant and leaves, evergreen or deciduous etc. etc. I honestly don't even remember what it ended up being!

Tom - 7th Street Cottage said...

Laura, I get that a lot at my job too. They come in asking for a boxwood. Which boxwood? English, American, or was it a holly that you just thought was a boxwood? Turns out they were azaleas sheared into little round meatballs. I have them bring a stem so that I can identify it, if we have it.