Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Evening Showers.

We had late evening showers yesterday. It was a hard, pounding rain that lasted for about 30 minutes. It tapered off for a while until the skies cleared around midnight. This morning, everything seems to fresh and clean again. It's 66 degrees and sunny. More evening showers in the forecast for the next 5 days.

The datura that bloomed last night. Some fragrance still lingers.

A neighboring datura is budding. Two on this one.

Knola Black morning glory at the base of the China Fir.

The Mammoth sunflowers are now taller than me - 6'1.

Bursztyn tomatoes.

San Marzano

Green Zebra

Corn and beans.

Blooms on the butterbeans. I got the seeds from my dad. He plants gobs of these every year.


Cucumbers on the trellis.

In the front bed, the Mystic Spires salvia has recovered from the move.

The ever flopping perennial bed.

This BES is almost 3" across.

Hardy hibiscus, Turn of the Century.

Malva or Hollyhock?

Coreopsis, Mahogany Midget.

Self sown Four O'clocks.

Direct sown Forget Me Nots.

Echinacea and brugmansia. The echinacea is almost 4' tall. The brug is closing in fast. Subequal leaves have been discovered. Checking each day for buds. I'll feed them again today.

Going to spend a couple hours sawing the wood for my trellis this morning, maybe. I have some things that need to be repotted. I've still got Janie's brugs that need to be transferred to soil. I have moonvine seeds that need to go in. Mine aren't doing much in the garden so I thought I would sow more, just in case.

Tomorrow, whatever I don't finish today will be done. I also want to try to paint some of the trim on the north side of the house. The side porch may get a couple coats on the railings. Maybe that will help liven up that area.

A high of 92 today. It's a beautiful morning. Too nice to have my next cup of coffee inside.

PS...for those of you that comments, I do appreciate your kind words and suggestions. I don't always respond, but I do read. Just like I read your blogs, I may not respond there either. I love seeing what others are doing and what's blooming all over the country. Thanks for stopping by.

1:21pm - Busy morning. 81 degrees and cloudy with occasional sun.

Got the pot ghetto moved out of the driveway.

Planted out or potted up lots of butterfly bushes, dogwoods, rose of sharon, lilac, and sweetshrub seedlings that were wintersown. Took cuttings for the cloner. Potted up Janie's pink brug cuttings.

Planted out white crape myrtle seedlings.

Confederate Rose seedlings.

Sweetshrub (Calycanthus florida)

Planted two six packs of petunias in the front bed. Pink and purple mix.

Off to work. Closing, late night. Tomorrow I will build the trellis for the chimney.


Ellie Mae's Cottage said...

The morning glory wrapped around the tree is so beautiful! Your veggies look awesome too! Thanks for the tour. -Jackie

lynn'sgarden said...

Hi Tom, yep, I'm tired of the rain here, too. We have the same datura..they do smell sweet! And I see you finally have your Forget-Me-Nots Veg garden looks amazing..ever tried deep fried squash blossoms filled with cheese? YUM!!

Jim said...

Do Forget Me Nots trail or do they stand upright? I never had any. But love that color blue.

Tom - 7th Street Cottage said...

Lynn, I have not tried that. I like to deep fry the squash instead. :)

Jim, mine do both. The ones I pinched are more upright. The ones I left alone tend to flop at the edges of the path.

Anonymous said...

You have a pretty full garden. Lots of great variety. This recent warm weather is probably helping kick start things.