Sunday, June 7, 2009


I finally did it. I bought the paint for my front door and shutters. No, I haven't built the shutters yet. That's today's project. I'm building 4 simple shutters for the front of the house. I want three vertical boards roughly 3" x 54" with a 3/4" space between them. Two horizontal cross members will tie them together at the top and bottom. They'll be attached to the brick using Tapcon screws. The color will be revealed once the painting has been finished. It's a bold color for a single man in a small town. The lady at Lowe's who mixed the pain suggested hunter green instead. No thanks, that was the color when I bought the house. I hated it.

Other things on the agenda today include powerwashing, with bleach, the front steps and porch overhang. Spiders love this house and build webs all over the trim and brick. I'm hoping to get some of the trim painted today too. It's been a task I have put off way too long.

I'll also be sowing a few more seeds today. Annual rudbeckia that should bloom in 10-12 weeks once it germinates, two packs of Four O'clocks, and two packs of orange and yellow cosmos to replace some missing plants in the perennial bed.

It's going to be a nice day with temperatures in the mid 70s. Updates to follow.

2:38pm - Busy day. 77 and sunny.

Shutters, 3 coats of paint each side/edge. Assembled. Drying.
Front door, 3 coats of paint. Done. Need to reinstall latch and deadbolt.
Garage door, 2 coats of paint. Third coat needed.
Basement door, 2 coats of paint. Third coat needed.
Trim boards above dining room, 2 coats of paint. Done.

I've also cleaned some of the brick, which I can't really see a difference. I took down a small metal railing on the side of the front porch. I'd like to build a trellis that I have a design for in my head, but the wren in the hanging basket is having none of that. She's been disturbed enough today. I'll work on building that on my next rainy day off.

No seeds or roses have been planted yet. I'll wait now until nearly sundown to keep the stress down. Another coat of paint on the doors and I'll be ready to hang the shutters. Lots to do. I need an iced coffee.


Heather said...

Painting sucks. Definitely not on my top 10 fun things to do for the day. Have fun and I can't wait to see the color choice.

FlowerLady said...

Have fun painting your trim and shutters when you get them ready. You sure are ambitious Tom. Puts me to shame. Of course, you are about 30 years younger. :-)

We need to pressure clean our little cottage, and repaint it too. The plum color has faded to a plum/gray. Need to pressure clean the patios and walkways also.

Looking forward to seeing the color you have chosen.

Later ~ FlowerLady

Tom - 7th Street Cottage said...

Got two coats of paint on all the wood so far. I'll be assembling everything in the basement and hanging them when I'm done painting the trim. This month will be my two year anniversary in this house. I figure it's time to start working on the outside of the house itself, not just the yard. The trim is all white because of the windows. The doors and shutters will not be.

It's taking forever for the paint on the door to dry. I couldn't go with enamel because of the color I picked. Had to use latex.

DebMc said...

I love painting...I hate the prep work and clean-up, but painting is theraputic. Everything looks so fresh, clean, and new after a paint job.

I dying to know what color you've chosen. As the owner of a bright golden yellow front door, I applaud the used of color!