Monday, June 22, 2009

730 days, 20 hours, 52 minutes ago...

I signed the papers that made me the owner of a 1946 fixer-upper. That was two years ago for those with poor math skills. On June 22, 2007, I moved into my "new" house and started remodeling the next day. Just like the gardens, this thing will probably never be finished.

Right on schedule, the A/C went out in the wee hours Sunday morning. After talking to several handymen, I've determined that it's the start capacitor on the unit outside. Turned on, it just hums. Using a long screwdriver and a quick flick of the wrist, the fan starts up with a little nudging. It should be a relatively cheap fix. Last night, I slept with all the windows open. A box fan in the bedroom window gave me a cool breeze. I'm wondering now why I will bother to repair it. When I am home, I'm usually outside or asleep. In the office, a window fan keeps the room cool enough. My body has gotten used to 90 degree days and lots of sun. 81 is more than comfortable for me. Still, I'll fix it later this week when I have more time.

Today, it was more important that I dig two holes and set the next two posts for my arbor at the edge of the driveway. It seems I bought another problem. I'm curious why there's a concrete slab 6 inches below the ground back here. I'm not curious enough to dig it up, but it did make setting the last post a real chore. There's metal mesh in the concrete, so I know it's not just waste concrete from when they built the house. Could it be a foundation for a building long gone? Or a patio?

1/2" metal conduit will span the two posts. I need to drill parallel holes once the concrete cures. I'll use small screws to hold them in place. The rose cuttings I received last week from Jim will grow over the arbor I'll start building next week.

I also moved a lavender crape myrtle. Not the best time to move it, but it wasn't getting enough water where it was.

In it's new home, I put the hose on a slow drip and filled the hole a few times. It's starting to come back. I'm not expecting it to flower much this year.

Beside the basement door, I've finally had enough of the dying yarrow. The last one was removed. If anyone wants it, it'll be sitting at the end of the driveway for the next few days. Come get it.

I planted two yellow knockout roses and another rescued hybrid tea in that spot. Hopefully these will do better than everything else I've tried in that bed.

The grass has been mowed, phone calls made, waiting for Carla and a client to come by. I may have a side job coming up soon. She wants me to design the landscaping for her yard. I plan to show her what I've done and offer suggestions for no-spray vegetable gardening. So far, still no major pest problems. The ladybugs are eating the aphids. Predator wasps are taking out other problems. Japanese Beetles are squished upon sight.

It's 81 degrees and sunny. No rain in the forecast. Maybe I'll sleep in the hammock tonight.


DebMc said...

I've moved crepe myrtles in the heat of summer before...just be very diligent with water this summer.

Your arbor is going to be terrific. Nothing prettier than an arbor in a lovely garden.

FlowerLady said...

You are moving right along Tom. Can't wait to see the arbor finished. Our crepes are in bloom right now. I love them.

We wouldn't be able to hack it without the a.c. Sat and yesterday with the heat index if felt like it was around 105. It was horrible! No breeze either day, today there is one. Right now it is 95 and feels like it's 102. The breeze does help but I'm not working outside. :-)

Have a great week ~ FlowerLady