Monday, June 1, 2009

Not much has changed.

In the three days I was gone, I expected some nice surprises when I got home. I didn't get them. A few new things are blooming.

The "orange" rose has these blooms on the same bush.

My datura is just starting to crack the bud. I'm thinking it will open tonight.

White lily.

My clearance rack plants bought for me in exchange for my help.

The spirea is in the basement out of the heat and sunlight for a few days.


Dirt Princess said...

The orange rose is great! Can't beat plants in exchange for work!

Jim said...

Could it be it sported like a polyantha?????? Who knows....what I know about modern grafted roses wouldn't fill a peat pot.

gardenerprogress/Catherine said...

What an interesting rose! It's pretty neat, 3 for 1. I think payment in plants is the best!

lynn'sgarden said...

Tom, how funny on the orange/pink rose bush...probably two different rose grafted together? My datura is in the same bud stage. That's alot of new plants from clearance! Btw, great job on the garage!