Monday, June 29, 2009

Coming Home

It's always nice to return after a couple days away to find new surprises in the garden.

Cherry Brandy rudbeckia

Turn of the Century hibiscus

Love those Luna Reds

More stargazers

More sunflowers

Brugmansia buds are growing large

pink bee balm

More tomatoes

Either squash or cucumbers have germinated

It's 86 and sunny. No rain at all this weekend. Looks like it'll be another late night of moving the sprinkler after work. No rain in the forecast til Sunday.


Kris said...

Oh pleeze pleeze pleeze would you save me some of that Cherry Brandy rudbeckia seeds? That thing is drop dead gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Great photos.....your gardens are really looking full and plush. I love that look.

Is the Luna Red grown from seed or did you buy the plant? One of the web sites I was on reading about it said it may not come true from seed so that's why I asked. Also is it a perennial for zone 7? Much thanks! Judy

Tom - 7th Street Cottage said...

Kris, I plan to save seeds, but with other rudbeckias nearby, I bet it reverts or changes in the next batch.

Judy, I bought the Luna last year. I divided the root ball in November and have two of them. Only one has bloomed. They are perennial, but die back with the first frost. I collected no seeds last year. The pods never formed.

Sue said...

It seems like just the other day, we were struggling to wait for spring to get here. Now, I'm wondering where it went! Your beds are in full swing, and looking fantastic!

gardenerprogress/Catherine said...

Wow, it really looks pretty there! Everything is so vibrant and healthy looking.

FlowerLady said...

Wow, you have some real beauties there Tom. It is always nice to come back home from time away. Enjoy your home and your lovely surroundings.