Thursday, June 18, 2009

Blue, Purple, and Pink

I had planned to post this on Friday, but I'm bored. I've decided to take the day off again from any real work on the house or garden. A man needs to rest sometimes.

Persian Shield

Pink KnockOut Roses

Mystic Spires salvia

Petunias and convolvulus tricolor

Forget Me Nots


Datura Metel. The first to bloom, the least impressive. Host plant.

Provence lavender

Russian Sage



Castor Bean


More Petunias

Zinnias and Guara

Guara blooms

Anise Hyssop - Golden Jubilee, again

Morning Glory from Trevor's fence.


Note to Self:

These past 5 days were the colors in your garden. Use these tags to arrange your plants this winter as you know everything will be moved and rearranged. It's in your nature, no use fighting it. Continue to tag using color names whenever an interesting idea comes into your head. You'll appreciate it later.



Anonymous said...

The anise hyssop/birdbath photo is really lovely!

glenda (gldno1) said...

I love the anise hyssop too.... and I have a spot next to the bird I will copy you!

Tom, beware the morning glory!
I planted Grandpa Otts a few years ago and it practically ate the clematis paniculata! I am still pull the up or chopping them down.
The tri-leaved one is what grows rampant in my garden and I can never get rid of it! Just a warning

Tom - 7th Street Cottage said...

If anyone wants seed from the Golden Jubilee, contact me in the fall. There will be lots.

Glenda, I know all about morning glories. But where they are, I'd love for them to reseed that heavily. They're at the back of the perennial bed. I got two reseeded plants from a Scarlett OHare. Turns out, it was just another dark purple instead of the bright red I was expecting.

Kris said...

I'm already on your "Golden Jublilee" list. I'm really looking forward to having them in my garden next year! :-D

Tom - 7th Street Cottage said...

Kris, it's a real bee magnet. You will love it. The first year, it'll get about 18" tall and flower. This year, after pinching, I have stalks over 3'. If I hadn't pinched it so much, it would have easily reached 4' with all the rain we had.

lynn'sgarden said...

Persian of my favorite annuals :) I too love the hyssop but they spread so much so it's more of a weed for me at this point! Your Tuesday's pic of the double daylily is one called Kwanzo or Flore Pleno and they will spread like crazy choking out other plants (unlike other daylilies)so watch it okay.