Tuesday, June 30, 2009


In December, I wintersowed several containers of foxglove. In my mind, I saw hundreds of these spikes with trumpet shaped blooms poking their heads above the mess in the perennial bed. Instead, I got this. One single foxglove plant, about 18" tall. Careful, don't step on it, please.

A new rudbeckia has appeared. This one is nearly 4" across.

The "red" bee balm is fading to a dusty maroon color. The brilliance is gone.

Bee Balm "Lemon Mint" is reblooming after my whacking spell a month ago. I cut it back hard when it flopped due to all the rain.

A new sunflower near the birdfeeder.

The arbor in the perennial bed is nearly covered by the cardinal climber. I see buds, but no blooms. This morning the hummingbirds were enjoying Yvonne's salvia.

The front bed is filling in nicely. I'm happy with this area now. Next year it should be much better.

Finally, the future. Datura inoxia's seed pod, also called "thorn apple".

It's 64 and sunny. I put the sprinkler on the potager this morning. At 9am, I'll move it to the sunny side of the perennial bed. We need rain. Low 90s today.


Anonymous said...

Your gardens are awesome and have filled in nicely! I enjoy visiting here and watching your progress! You've put in a lot of hard work and your results are wonderful to see!
- Daisy

cat said...

your arbor looks great! i'll have to look for a vine like that when we get our's done in the front. and the datura...nice!!! going to look for that one too..hehe

i love how beautiful your gardens are looking! gorgeous!

Dirt Princess said...

Atleast you got A foxglove! I got none! I planted 2 packs of seeds and NONE of them did a thing. It has been to hot and too dry! I am going top buy a greenhouse and make them grow next year! I plan on planting in Decemeber this time instead of April!

Jim-The Gaudy Garden said...

our foxgloves have been over since the beginning of June. Better late then never, eh?
Your garden looks wonderful! Do you spend a lot of time weeding???? :)

Tom - 7th Street Cottage said...

Thanks Daisy, Cat, and DirtPrincess. Cat, be sure to contact me in the fall. Watch for those seeds to appear on my collected list on the sidebar. When they do, I'll be willing to share.

Jim, I only weed when I think about it. Mostly around the edges. Planting so close, I have mostly crabgrass that pops up and little else. It's not been horrible this year.

compost in my shoe said...

Looks like your season has arrived!

Heather said...

Hi Tom, that beebalm still looks nice from where I am sitting! Your whole garden looks great!