Monday, June 8, 2009


I over did it yesterday. My body is screaming this morning. It hurts to make coffee. It hurts to walk. It hurts to bend over. It hurts to move. I'm not sure how I will make it through 8 hours of work today. Where's my Advil?

Not much to do this morning. Laundry, a few dishes, scraping the last of the paint from the basement doors. I'm not as young as I think. Hopefully a hot shower will help.

The cloner is still empty. I got too involved yesterday on the house to worry about tomatoes. Barbara came by and we cut her a few suckers from the beefsteaks, Celebrity, and Rutgers. She roots hers in water. I'll get around to it soon. It's not like I need them today.

Taken yesterday, some pictures from the garden.

Datura with two new buds.

Red coreopsis - may be Mahogany Midget. Annual, reseeds heavily from what I've been told.

Disappointing Maltese Cross.

White Hyacinth bean has finally reached the trellis on the back of the house.

Luna Red buds. Last year I got one or two blooms a week. I moved this into more sun this year.


I love this shot. Breadseed poppy, shastas, rudbeckia.

Sunday's picture.

Time to get moving. Slowly. Ouch.


Laura said...

I've been having problems with my back and hips this spring. I'm due for a follow-up at the doctor this week. I'm going to tell him that when I first get up in the morning I move like my 88 year old Grandma and closer to lunch like my 67 year old mother. I don't move like a 40 year old until after lunch!

Dan said...

Nice blooms. I have grown the 'Evening Fragrance' Datura a few times in years past. I currently am just growing a big Brugmansia that I bring in during the winter and let it go dormant. They really are great plants.

Sue said...

Your bed is really filling in! I hope your muscles heal soon. You sure are a hard worker!

NellJean said...

You left a note about the alternanthera on my blog. The chartreuse will never 'take off' -- it stays small in neat clumps no more than about 10" across by fall and never tall at all. The red will be greenish until about September and then turn bright red in big clumps the size of a half bushel basket, but the leaves will not be large. I had never seen the purple grow. It dwarfs the others. I'll find a last year pic of the red and green to post on my blog soon.

We get so impatient for the garden to grow. It's hard to visualize in early June how it will look in September.