Friday, June 26, 2009


Stella D'oro from Carrie is blooming. She gave me 6 large clumps. I divided them into 14. This is the second one to bloom.

Buddleia is finally blooming. This is the mother plant. Pruned branches in February were shoved into the soil to a depth of about 8". Two of those are beginning to show color.

More sunflowers have opened. Esther's Mix.

Elephant ears perked up after watering.

Malva zebrina. I love this plant. Hardly any rust unlike my hollyhocks, and much showier flowers.

Okra. Yes, I did plant it next to the street. Why?

Some unknown thing is blooming white.

Rudbeckia hirta.

with Shasta Daisy.

30% chance of late afternoon/evening thunderstorms in the forecast. I hope they're right. Going to see Jackie's yard this morning. She wants advice on what to plant and where. Working the late shift. I hope it rains. 78 degrees and partly cloudy at 8:20am. 78% humidity.


Anonymous said...

Your garden and flowers are looking great! ... Good Job!

Lots of people don't care for Stellas, but they give you blooms almost all summer IF YOU KEEP THEM WATERED. I absolutely love them. I have many other daylilies that are much more expensive but only bloom for a short period of time once a year. I made it a point to get lots more Stellas last year. They have been rewarding me for over a month now with glorious bloom color. They will take a short rest and then start over again in just a week or so. I do keep mine watered well so I can enjoy the show a lot longer.

I always enjoy seeing your photos, keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Great looking blooms. Our sunflowers are way behind yours.