Monday, June 14, 2010

Turning Corners

Another heat advisory has been issued for today. I'm off from work. The plan is to stay inside and finish the trim in the kitchen and get another project underway, painting the hallway. A few hours work and it will all be done except for the countertops. Robert is coming Tuesday to help build the forms. This morning, I picked 4 squash from the potager.

Laying in bed, looking out the window, I noticed how full the Rose Garden in the backyard had gotten. Agastache, Four O'clocks, Coreopsis Full Moon, and other plants have really filled in this year. The miscanthus will be moved this fall to the meadow garden. I have a grass plan.

Near the street, the Monarda citriodora is huge again. I've got several of these plants scattered along the driveway. The bees love them. Their flowers remind me of henbit, if henbit grew to 4' tall.

I plant close. I pack the plants in when they're small. They compete for space and light. Some flop, others stand tall. I like when the combinations work. My goal is to have blooms. I think I succeeded.

Daisy flavored blooms with pink and purple bee balm.

Echinacea grows into the agastache.

It's 77 degrees. The high today will be in the upper 90s. No rain in the forecast.


Darla said...

Sounds like a good day to stay inside. We were upwards of 100 degrees over the weekend. I love your 'crowdscaping' !!

FlowerLady said...

I also love your over crowded beds. Everything looks happy mingling together and being packed next to each other keeps the weeds out.

I love your combinations. I think you've done rather well once again.

It must feel wonderful pulling into your driveway.

Enjoy working indoors. I can't wait to see your concrete counter tops.

Keep cool as much as possible too.


L. D. Burgus said...

Your plantings are looking great. It really has filled in nicely. The natural look of a meadow seems to exist even in your flower beds with the blending of different flowers.

Ruth said...

Yes, you did succeed with your blooms. :) They are beautiful!