Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I've got a collection of trumpet shaped flowers. In the fragrant bed, there's datura, nicotiana, and four o'clocks. Last night, I watched as the second datura bloomed. Earlier in the day, the bloom began to elongate.

At 6:17pm, I noticed that the bloom was beginning to unfurl.

At 6:19pm, it began to open.

By 8:31pm, it released its fragrance.

The Four O'clocks behave similarly, blooming late in the evening.

There are zinnias, cosmos, pineapple sage, and perilla here too. I remember planting rudbeckia seedlings right after I finished spreading horse manure. So far, only white flowers have bloomed in this bed. In a few months, I'll be moving the "Easter lilies" from the backyard to this little corner.

Other trumpet shaped blooms have appeared without my assistance. On the front slope, a variety of Ruellia pops up every year.

Brugmansia, daylilies, petunias, squash, and cucumbers all have trumpet shaped blooms and blossoms.

It's 59 degrees. The humidity level has decreased. Today's high will be in the mid-80s. No rain.


FlowerLady said...

You sure have some nice trumpet flowers and scents. I need to look through my seeds for datura, I'm sure I have some and need to get them planted, and other things as well. I just love the way the datura blooms unfurl.

Have a great day and keep cool. Gardenias are doing well.


Dar said...

Now I know the name of the unknown in my garden, Datura. I hope it transplants well because it needs to be moved. It almost got plowed under when I yelled, WAIT......and DH went around it.

Bangchik said...

Nice to know some beautiful flowers bloom late in the evening... ~bangchik