Monday, June 7, 2010


The fragrant border - May 16.

June 7.

The upper potager - May 18.

June 7.

The Perennial Bed - April 30.

June 7.

A container of sedums and sago palms by the basement door - May 18.

June 7.

I love to watch the gardens grow. I no longer take a picture a week of any area in the yard. The backyard is not filling in the way I expected. There was no huge flush of flowers once the crimson clover went to seed. The meadow bed does have tiny seedlings, probably weeds. A few cosmos have popped up here and there. I'll be working on that in the fall and next spring, moving, dividing, sowing more seeds. It's a work in progress.

More rain last night as thunderstorms rolled through the area. Within an hour, 1/4" of rain fell. Lightning flashed and the thunder rolled. Sleep came easy. It's 64 degrees this morning. 84 is the expected high.


FlowerLady said...

Good morning Tom ~ How neat to see your gardens and their growth in a months' time. Everything looks wonderful. I'm sure all that rain has helped, plus your 'green' hands. What all is in your fragrant bed? I'm sure you've probably mentioned it before, but seeing the picture brought the question to mind.

I like your palm with sedums.

Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

tina said...

I just love seeing progression and before and after pictures. The growth is amazing. I know the plants are loving the rain too. We've been dry here so send some my way please?

Thanks so much for the tip on spray painting the glass on my light box. I never would've thought of that but I do need to do it as I think it will be a great idea!

Dave@TheHomeGarden said...

Probably the best part about gardening is seeing the changes take place. You don't notice them so much from day to day but in the pictures the changes are amazing!

NellJean said...

Remember that we are at early June. The garden will be fuller in July, different still in August and September.

Meadows are hard to orchestrate. Nature sets great swaths of flowers in the midst of grass in my natural meadow, mostly in the fall. Early Spring has dots of color throughout and patches of flowers near woods' edge. The meadow bed that I had last year on the site of the old barn had zero flowers this spring, only grasses despite all the plants that went to seed. The new bed at the site where nandina and wisteria met their demise was a flop this spring. Rye grass didn't go away on time. Petunias and parsley were the only 'flowers' to come up. I transplanted them to happier places and mowed everything.

It is a wonderful learning experience and every year is different. Your garden looks just right for a young garden in June.

cat said...

i am with you on loving watching everything grow...:) i'm learning alot from the seeds you sent me too. will definitely be collecting and switching some things and some of the plants have just taken over! i love it!! hahaha the front beds are growing beautifully as well..

your garden is so are such an inspiration to me tom...great job!!