Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Coreopsis Full Moon

I purchased a single plant of Coreopsis "Full Moon" in late 2008. The next spring, I divided it into 12 new plants. In late 2009, I divided several of those plants into new plants. I imagine I have nearly 3 dozen healthy, blooming plants right now scattered through the yard. Even with no supplemental water, only rain, they're doing well.

In the rose garden

Near the mailbox

In the perennial bed

I'm taking notes this summer. I'm going to do some editing this fall. Plants that wilt constantly, flop excessively, or just can't take the heat and/or humidity of our summers are dead to me. Some literally, others figuratively until I pull them out this fall. The shastas are done. They've never been one of my favorites. They need too much water, too much cleanup, they flop all over the place, and are just unsightly this time of year. I haven't bothered to deadhead them at all. The goldfinches are doing a great job of that. If I keep them, I'll move them to an out of the way spot like the gully. They can just sprawl til their heart's content.

Great performers include all the varieties of Coreopsis, Echinacea, Veronica, a few salvias, and cosmos. I wonder how many kinds of plants it actually takes to create a cottage garden? The white swan echinacea will be divided and moved to various parts of the yard next spring. I'm really happy with this plant. I'll use it where I wanted the white shasta daisies.

Follow-up: The swallowtail larvae have made themselves at home.

Starting about 1pm, we've got a 40-60% chance of rain in the forecast. I've been watering a little, here and there. I can't possibly keep up with all that needs water. Some things have passed on from this world. Others seem to be on their last limbs. The Japanese Beetles aren't even thriving in this heat. If the rains don't arrive today, I'll spend most of my evening trying to keep the remaining shrubs alive. Even the privet is giving up and shedding leaves. I didn't want to have to do this, but it's time...the rain dance.


elee55 said...

Tom, I'm with you on the shasta daisies. I thought I wanted to include "the friendly flower" in my garden, but right now it looks hideous. Gangly and overgrown (4 ft tall standing straight, but most of it is flopping over), and closeup the spent flowers are very ugly. Am also happy with white swan echinacea-I have one mature plant that is blooming, and ws'ed its seeds this year for two more HOS that will make a nice patch of white flowers by next year.

Ginny said...

I've had zero success with Shasta daisies - tried them twice and they didn't last the summer either time. I'm adding White Swan Echinacea to my wish list!

Darla said...

my dad has the most amazing shastas growing in his yard, if it doesn't rain they don't get watered. let me know how many plants it takes for a cottage garden....i love the coreopsis

Cindy said...

Good to hear you love the White Swan. I bought a pack of seeds last week. I'm already stocking up for next spring.

Tim said...

Coreopsis and Red Hot Chili Peppers are both summer favorites for me. Do you grow Verbena bonariensis? It's loving this heat, and basically serves as a goldfinch magnet. The gold against the purple is pretty fabulous.

Johanna said...

White swan has always been a favorite here. It's a solid, structural plant with good brightness for that "pop". And butterflies love it!