Monday, June 28, 2010

Black Swallotail Larvae

While watering the herb racks at the store this morning, I spotted a few of these guys munching on our dill and parsley. They were doing some major damage, so I picked them off and brought them home.

I put them around the base of my Queen Anne's Lace. I found several in my own yard last year, but none this year.

With so many, they'll devour this plant in just a few days.

At least I'll see a few butterflies from this.

It's 82 degrees. The high again will reach the mid 90s. Another chance of rain in the forecast this afternoon. Maybe today.


Ginny said...

So glad you saved those caterpillars! Be sure to post pictures of the butterflies when they appear.

JWLW said...

Hi Tom: Good move Mother Nature will thank you. Hope you can follow the development to Butterfly stage.

Enjoy the afternoon,

Cameron said...

That's a lot of little friends! Good for you.

Okay, so I'm watching the news and not only is this the hottest month on record, but we've had 20 days with temps over 90 (and several triple digit days, not including the triple digit heat index).

Which brings me to this question....

Tom, WHEN are you going to do that rain dance?

Kris said...

Nice save! All I find on my dill and parsley are Jap beetles. Eeeew.

Hey, we got a whole inch of rain today. I'm doing the happy dance! Crazy weather...90s yesterday and now down to 40s Tuesday night. Talk about whiplash.

Dawn said...

Got to love a butterfly but why do they look so ewwww, before they become beautiful!
Hot here too.

Dar said...

I guess I was thinking we wouldn't see these fellas til late summer, but then everything seems to be a month ahead of itself...
Look forward to the butterflies.
Their larvae are beauties.

Cindy said...

Good samaritan!