Friday, June 25, 2010

Some of my favorites

It's that time of year. I love stargazers. The colors and the fragrance are everything I enjoy about flowers. A bouquet will be brought inside tomorrow to scent the house.

Luna Red is really putting on a show.

From either side, the huge blooms are spectacular this year.

Zinnias. Finally something other than pink.

Last night, Carla stopped by and we talked. We went to pay a visit to a guy that has admired my yard. I asked her to see if he would share a few blue agave pups from his huge specimen in the front yard. I dug two and potted them just before dark. I plan to move the snowball bush near the succulent bed and install one of these in its place. His survived the winter just fine, even as temperatures dipped to 11 degrees and stayed below freezing for 2 weeks.

Oh, what I wouldn't give for just a little of that cold now. It's 82 degrees. The high today will again reach the mid to upper 90s. A 30% chance of storms this evening repeats for the next 4 days.


Dave@TheHomeGarden said...

It all looks great! The weather here has been awful hot and humid. No rain either, not yet.

Bangchik said...

The plants and flowers look very healthy, and they must be singing happily with colourful blooms before the season ends.


compost in my shoe said...

I want a whole big batch of those stargazer lilies in my garden. Thanks for the reminder.

Cameron said...

You have some great faves. Great agave!

Would you please do that rain dance? NOW? :-)

Anonymous said...

That Luna looks great. We finally got a hardy hibiscus this year, but I doubt we will see it bloom since it was just a sprout when we got it.

Anonymous said...

Love those big red zinnias..don't you just love those giant dahlia flowered ones. Look forward to seeing the ones I sent you to plant. I'm looking at the empty packets and mine that are blooming now aren't either of those two colors, so you must have those. I think I cut out the front picture and included them in those seeds..didn't I? Will you direct sow them or put them in milk jugs to germinate? You say you added 8 in. of potting mix instead of 4 inches? How large were your drainage and air circulation holes? I may just have to try summersowing a few seeds I have here. Oh well, the sun has come back out, guess the storm has passed around us again!