Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Summer Storm.

It's raining. There was only a 30% chance today, not really enough to mention. But a cloud formed and brought its friends. The storm is moving Southeast, slowly. The rain should last until about 10pm. I am thankful. The garden should be refreshed in the morning.


Cameron said...

Send that rain my way, please! My plants are toasted. 100 tomorrow. ugh.

Debbie Harris said...

Good for you. I think we in northern Illinois are finally getting a dry day. I mean, the garden wants rain, but it was getting a little ridiculous around here.


Anonymous said...

I'm extremely jealous! I'm in Boiling Springs and had a storm develop northwest of us, moving southeast, and of course it dissipated as it went over and then reformed after us.

Here's hoping for more this afternoon!


Chad and Brandy said...

If you get even a drop out of this thing, you are lucky. These temps are toasting everything. Glad the rain barrels are full.