Thursday, June 17, 2010

Good Morning.

The birds were active this morning. I thought I would share.

That buzzing at 0:36 is a mosquito. I've got the bites to prove it.
It was 72 degrees and sunny when I made the video. Hot today. Hot tomorrow. Hot all summer.


Darla said...

Sounds like an early Spring morning doesn't it? Pesky Mosquito is putting it mildly!

Conny said...

I liked it - thanks for putting it up here. Very nice.

FlowerLady said...

It sounds like a nice summer morning, until you hear the dang mosquito. I've not tried to make a little video using my camera yet. Need to read my camera book again.

Congrats on passing your test too. I'm sure a bike ride could be nice this time of year.

Have a nice evening ~ FlowerLady

L. D. Burgus said...

Yes, I just cam in from mowing the yard. It was 92 degrees cool and I had to do it today. The grass was going to seed. Rain and tornadoes are always in store, then we will go back to heat. I like all the sounds. Darn bugs.