Monday, May 17, 2010

Who was I kidding?

I got up this morning, had some coffee, and went back to bed. The slow steady rain is still falling. It's 72 degrees. So that's the perfect weather for scattering seeds, moving reseeded annuals, and doing some general weeding in all parts of the yard.

I moved a few things into the upper meadow, like amaranthus.

A gazillion cosmos that were growing in the rose garden.


I planted out my 12 Salvia subrotunda seedlings. I replaced them with cuttings from Montauk Daisy, Salvia greggii, and a red mum that survived the winter.

Looking back towards the house from the gully, it's filling in with pokeweed and Virginia creeper. I'm okay with that, for the time being.

I also divided a few wintersown things that were planted out in big hunks. Ox Eye Daisy, that notorious weed, has been spread all over the Crape Myrtle Bed. I need more white in that spot. Not many of my cosmos seeds have popped up yet. Maybe after all this rain they'll do something.

I plan to spend the rest of the early afternoon weeding in the rain. I'll continue to move things here and there, filling in areas where seeds failed to germinate. There's a lot of crabgrass out there.


Darla said...

I can't imagine you going back to bed after your feet hit the floor. The drizzling rain is the perfect time for chores like you have been doing. The Virginia Creeper drives me insane!

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Virginia Creeper drives me crazy too. DH hates it. It is hard to get rid of and is everywhere, up trees, sheds, whatever it feels like attaching to and climbing.

Your weather sounds nice for doing what you're doing. Right now we have thunder and dark skies to the northwest of us. Hopefully we will get some much needed rain.


compost in my shoe said...

I love gardening in a light mist. Makes me feel like I'm making time. It is also much cooler than what lies ahead. Looks like you made the most of the rainy day as well.

Nicola said...

I'm glad I found your blog, it's a joy to read. You have so many interesting plants and you have given me some ideas for my garden, so thank you! Don't you just love the rain? We finally got some much needed rain today here in Texas, yay!

Anonymous said...

Nice blog Tom. Beautiful plants! Your purseverance with the repair job incouraged me to never give up.