Saturday, May 1, 2010


Mr Lincoln, this morning.

Mr Lincoln, at lunch.


Karl Rosenfeld peony. Knockouts, Lagerfeld and Blue Girl in the background.


Blue Girl.

Sweet Williams.

This is the "Orange Rose" purchased last year. The pink blooms come from one side of the plant. Orange blooms will appear later. Neither have a fragrance. It might be moved if I find a suitable reblooming fragrant replacement.

It's 82 degrees. My scalp is fried.


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Hi Tom ~ It looks like you are having a great day. I can almost smell your roses. Mr. Lincoln is looking great! I love your Lagerfeld.

Enjoy and wear a hat to keep your head from frying. :-) I have a nice straw hat for wearing in the summer. It does help.

Keep enjoying your weekend.


gld said...

I still have Mr. Lincoln on my list!

I discovered a new fragrance in my yard, the Amur Maple tree. Maybe this is the first time it was old enough to bloom but I just noticed it and got closer to check out the bees and tiny butterfly enjoying it and was hit with a delightful fragrance. I bought it for size and fall color. The fragrance is a bonus!

Dar said...

Tom, My Mr. Lincoln reverted back to it's mother plant and was white the following yrs. It then never survived a very harsh -40 degree winter.
Your roses are lovely, especially Lagerfeld. Sweet William are one of my fav plants...Bill is my Sweet William, but I also have a variety of them. Thanks for sharing your knowledge

L. D. said...

I bought a Mr. Lincoln because of your plant. I will wait to see what blooms I will get but I will be bury it deep this fall. Your blooms are great.

Unknown said...

i think i need to plant more roses...beautiful!