Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day and I am working.

My sister and I had portraits made for mom this year. She received them early this morning before I called. She loved them. My sister bought the pictures, I framed them. We had to be a little sneaky to get them done.

In the garden, the first Stella D'Oro has bloomed.

Red Hot Pokers by the street are growing straight and tall this year. I started this from seed two years ago. It was just tiny little grass like seedlings for a few months. I expected blooms last year, but none arrived. The one in part shade is growing crooked again. I might have to move it this fall.

Self sown petunias are blooming. The colors range from light pink to this nice magenta.

More magenta in the rose campion. I have clumps scattered through the perennial bed. Seeds will be tossed as they ripen in the crape myrtle bed.

Various larkspur plants are in bloom.

An unknown hybrid tea rose. It's not fragrant, but the color is nice. It fades to a pinkish orange as it ages.

It's cool and 66 degrees at 2:37pm. The power went out last night due to a tree crashing into a transformer a couple streets over. Still no rain. Maybe next week. I'll spot water after work again this evening. The newly planted seedlings have to be nursed a bit to survive what is quickly turning into a drought. Only 1" of rain has fallen in the past 4 weeks.


L. D. said...

Tom, Let me get back to you on the pink honeysuckle. I need to go out and see if they are sprouts coming out of the ground. It is an antique as it was here when I bought the house 34 years ago. I had to cut a large malberry out of it 10 years ago and it still is hanging in there. We can talk later.

Corner Gardener Sue said...

Your blooms are looking great. I am excited for my larkspur to start blooming.

I hope you get some rain. We've had some, along with cold temps. I am so ready for summer to get here.

Darla said...

The humidity is stifling here..your blooms are looking great Tom! I got a gift card to Lowes for Mother's Day and two truck loads of mulch!!! Doesn't get much better than that for me...

L. D. said...

That honeysuckle is very old, but I can send you new sprouts coming off of the limbs. Click on my profile and my email is open to send an address. I would gladly send them. Also tell how you want them wrapped up as I have only sent a peony root and nothing else to anyone.