Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Mostly, the variegation in my yard is concentrated in grasses. The foliage creates patterns and textures among the flowers. Even when not in bloom, they add to the overall composition. This list is not complete. I have left out a few plants.


Yucca and euphorbia.


Hosta and Aucuba.

Guara. This one blooms pink. The white one did not survive the winter after struggling though the drought last summer.

Sedum. I plan to propagate many more of these this year.


It's 82 degrees and mostly sunny. It's warm today. Heavy fog this morning. Humid.

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Dave@TheHomeGarden said...

I'm a fan of variegation! My favorite is a variegated hydrangea. I propagated one once but it failed to grow after it was planted. I mis-estimated the amount of shade it could tolerate. The answer should have been none! ;)