Friday, April 29, 2011

Perpetual Motion.

It's time for the Larkspur. These plants came from seed sent from Texas. I tossed them out two weeks after Nell Jean mentioned it a few years ago. I pulled some faded annuals and scattered the seeds in the broken soil. They germinated well and survived a pretty harsh winter for NC. I did the same the past two years running. It's gonna be quite a show in about a week. I'll spread more seeds this year in various naked parts of the yard.

I'll have a few seeds from Money Plant it seems. There are gobs of them on each plant. There's larkspur everywhere in here.

It's everywhere.

Another annual that reseeded in one spot is Orlaya grandiflora. It's a relative of the carrot and Queen Anne's Lace. I have both of those in the gardens too.

The peonies are making a strong show this year.

These pink ones are decades old. They were traded for nandinas several years ago.

Etoile Violette is just getting started. Cut to the ground in late winter, this clematis purchased with no tag has shot up past the top of the arbor to the perennial bed.

A hiccup in the perpetual motion machine appears to be foxglove. Out of thousands of seeds scattered, this is one returning plant. The others didn't survive the summer.

It's a cool 52 degrees this morning. The sky is clear. The wind is gone. The birds got started around 4am. I'm going to do a little watering since the rains failed to show. The rest of the day is mine and nobody is gonna take it from me.

Sunday, April 24, 2011


In pictures.

The backyard is younger and will mature over the next couple of years. I'll be scattering seeds whenever they're ready.

Judy, Dame's Rocket has not proven invasive at all for me. It has a taproot and we have heavy clay soil. I did deadhead last year before the majority of the seeds were ripe. I left a few but haven't noticed any new seedlings this year. The white is still the more fragrant of the two. I want some in the backyard next year, so I will leave it to set seed this time around.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


It's April 20th already? The irises and clematis are taking center stage in the perennial garden.

It's 66 degrees. Storms possible again this evening with a high in the mid-70s expected. Carla and I have tentative plans to haul some compost for our vegetable gardens before work. I'll give her a call in a few. I bought my tomato plants yesterday. Yeah. The ones from seed were donated to the squirrels.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Others weren't so lucky

We got a lot of rain, really terrible winds, and a night of watching the trees bend towards the ground through the sheer curtains.

Sanford Lowe's Home Improvement and other damage.

Today, sunny and 70 degrees. Went to Morrow Mountain with a friend. Great day for a hike.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Yeah. I'm early with these. So what. Some of them are early too.

I hate squirrels.

Pink weigela.

Mountain Bluet

Scattered seeds collected from Larry's bulbs last spring produced these.

Nearly black columbine

May Night Salvia

Eastern Red? Scott? Any help?


Lunaria and what will some day be an 8' wide and tall azalea.

A dark leafed weigela just beyond the Korean Lilac. It was a gift from Trevor.

Miss Bateman didn't climb much this year. I had hoped she would climb the crape myrtle she's planted beneath.

Self-sown red clover blooms in front of the swing in what used to be the meadow area. I haven't cut the grass in a couple weeks. I was curious. I'll mow selected areas this afternoon. Maybe. Bridal Wreath spirea is next to the swing.

Past blooms became peaches. I need to thin them.

Another salvia. Rescued from the clearance rack last fall.


Bath's Pink dianthus grown from cuttings Jim sent. I have several clumps blooming heavily this year. They took a while to recover after I planted them last spring. It was a hard summer for lots of things.

Two year old Siberian Wallflowers are looking nice on the hill.

And a wintersown lupine that just sat there all summer and winter has been blooming for about a week.

It's 64 degrees and cloudy. A tish of rain fell overnight. Another day off, I'm planning to clean the house.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Two days off.

I spent time this morning shopping my own garden center for the annuals and soil I needed to complete my window boxes. I picked out bronze leaf red blooming begonias and an assortment of pink to red shades of impatiens. I even bought the soil I recommend to customers. I want to see if I'm right.

It's 84 degrees. I've had the windows open all day. I've been getting some sun, visiting with friends, and just flat out enjoying the freedom to do whatever I want. Tomorrow. I want to call the realtor again. She still hasn't gotten in touch with me.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Dogwoods and Wisteria.

It's 65 degrees and windy. It's been a great day. Spring is here. So are the customers.

Friday, April 1, 2011

My Azaleas.

I just got home from the store. It's my day off, but I had to find out what the verdict was. Store Manager told me it looked really good. I'm pleased. I also emailed the Realtor.

At $2.50 a pop, I couldn't pass up some new azaleas that arrived this week. They're on sale.

Pink Ruffles

Pink Pearl

Trouper Red

Red Ruffles

In the yard, I have a few shrubs starting to bloom. This one is either Delaware or Glacier White. I have them both. It's not that important to me. They're white.

A mangled pink one that was here when I bought the house. The long hot dry summer baked this poor azalea. I've mulched heavily with shredded pine already this year.

Lavender Formosa is about to pop. This one should be a huge shrub.

Before the rains of the past week (near 2"), I fertilized all the azaleas, camellias, and tea olives. I bought peat moss to use for planting these new azaleas. I made mistakes with the first azaleas I planted here. I'm trying to correct those now and actually practice what I preach.

The skies are clearing. I'm about to head outside and give home to my new purchases. I'll save one for the hole where the realtor's sign is. It's a breezy, brisk 52 degrees.

Azalea Propagation Techniques. *hint hint*

What a week.

Learned a lot. Got things done. I'll spend tomorrow in my own yard. It's 45 degrees. Should be in the mid 60s and sunny on Friday.