Tuesday, May 4, 2010

More planting out.

Pineapple sage
Rudbeckia Prairie Sun
Achillea Summer Pastels
Culver's root
Pink Obedient plant
Four kinds of sunflowers
Monarda - annual and perennial

and plenty more. From this

To this

Maybe 200 holes dug this morning going through 2 full charges on the cordless drill. The remainders are either too small or their locations aren't decided. I'll get around to them.

A bicolor California poppy has opened near the street.

The Mountain Bluet is going to seed. I scattered five seed heads around the backyard in beds that need early blooms.

Red hot poker.

Dianthus. It just glows in the garden on cloudy days.

A single white gerber daisy survived the winter.

Today's been just about perfect for working in the yard. It's 79 degrees. Mostly it's been overcast with a breeze. There is some humidity in the air, but it's tolerable. The first mosquito bites are itching.


F Cameron said...

I get exhausted just looking at all of those plants! :-)

So, did the milkweed and purple clover (dalea purpurea) seeds that I sent last fall germinate for you? Hope so.

Lisa said...

Oh, my, I agree with Cameron! You've got a lot of plants!

But, what fun to have them.


Unknown said...

I can't believe how much you get done in a day! This Friday will be my first day playing in my garden since November! I can't wait!!!

L. D. said...

The dianthus is stunning. I noticed this even with an overcast that the white flowers were really quite white.

Tammy said...

200 holes! I wouldnt dream of trying to keep up,lol. I dont know how you manage to keep it always looking so neat.Mine looks like a trash dump,lol.But I am getting it narrowed down. At your warp speed, you could come up here and get mine done in a day.

Darla said...

You are getting there. I have obedient plant for the first time this year, been in the ground for several months...I started Red Hot Poker from seed last summer, it's doing fine no buds yet. I am battling slugs and snails, I have never seen so many. Put out another 12 pack of beer last evening and the rest of the diatmaceous (sp) earth..any ideas?