Saturday, May 1, 2010


On a cloudless day, the colors are more vivid.

Every flaw, every weed, every nuance is highlighted. Texture is more visible with hard shadows. Fuzzy becomes apparent.

Red is true.


In dappled sunlight, things are fuzzier. Weeds blend with the foliage of other plants making them less recognizable.

Backlighting is useful when photographing dark colors.

In deep shade, the colors are more muted.

Details are clear if you can focus.

But once in a while, the sun breaks through for just a few moments.

It's 57 degrees. The chance of rain has been downgraded to sunny and warm. The high will be in the upper 80s today.


Darla said...

Nice photos, I can't wait to go outside and see how much rain we received last night, it was serious thunderboomers.

Jimmy said...

Isn't it odd that in your own garden, you notice the weeds first. But in other gardens, you see the beauty of the plants.

Phillip Oliver said...

Great photos - you are able to capture red nicely. I have a hard time getting that color with my camera.

David - Pinewood Cottage said...

the peony is really pretty - i'm trying a couple in my sunny bed out front -

L. D. said...

It is sometimes fun to have that sun come in and create patterns of informality. My point and shoot, doesn't like to read color in the bright sun. I end up taking photos early morning or late evening so it can get the most accurate color. You flowers are sure producing great beauty.