Sunday, May 16, 2010


A heavy downpour that lasted about 15 minutes came through about 4pm. The sun came out shortly after. It got steamy. Now the temperature has fallen and our chance for rain is about 60% for the next 12 hours. Storms will be moving through all night. I'm happy again.

The fragrant bed is happy too. The seedlings have managed with the water I've been giving them, but now they should really take off. Datura, Four O'clocks, and other seeds were scattered weeks ago. I even tossed in some zucchini seeds I didn't have room for in the potager.

It's 77 degrees and drizzling.


Darla said...

We received about a 1/2 inch of rain yesterday, it sure was welcome sight! I have some rust colored fuzzy stuff on my you know what it might be and how to fix it?

Darla said...

Thanks for the info Tom. You will have squash in no time. We planted all from seed this year and a little earlier.