Friday, May 21, 2010


In spring, white is a refreshing color in the garden. In summer, it offers a bit of a reprieve from the heat. More will arrive soon in the form of Four O'clocks, datura, and daisies. For now, small snipets can be found here and there.


Confederate jasmine and the chimney trellis.

The foliage of Miscanthus "Cosmopolitan".

Nandina's flowers. These will turn into the red berries that persist through the winter.

In the shade, Dusty Miller looks white instead of silver.


The first Shasta Daisies are starting to open. They're scattered here and there through the yard.


Ligustrum. Similar to the sickening sweet smell of Chinese Privet.

Echinacea "White Swan"

It's 57 degrees. The high today should reach the mid 80s again. More sun. Rain in the forecast for the weekend.


Darla said...

I love white in the's beautiful in the evening.

Jean Campbell said...

Last year I bought one white lantana to fill a space between the lavender lantanas. I was afraid it would not return, but it is vigorously growing. Janie suggests alternanting lavender and white. I should start cuttings of the white. Lavender is everywhere and blooms better in cool weather while the yellow trailing lantana love hot sun.

Gardenias and white Crape Myrtles are starting to bloom and white oakleafs are still white. I hope your oakleaf cuttings take.

Antique ART Garden said...

I love the sickeningly sweet smell ( as you put it ), of lugustrum !! It is all around my neighbor's yard and some in ours. Your flowers look great ! Gina