Monday, January 4, 2010

Cold enough for ya?

That's about the dumbest question anyone can ask a guy wearing two pairs of gloves, thermal underwear, jeans, a hoodie, a long sleeved shirt, a toboggan (which some of you know as a knitted cap), a denim jacket, and a red vest with his name on it. But rest assured, they do ask. Many times a day.

I live in the South because I love the winters. They're typically short and sweet. Just enough cold to kill off the last mosquitoes still hovering above the brackish water of the gully in early December, but not cold enough to make the snot dripping from your nose freeze the moment you try to inhale. Do you know what it's like to have your optic nerve impaled by shards of ice? Talk about a brain freeze. Too bad this week isn't a great example of our "normal" winter weather. So yes, it's plenty cold enough for me. Now stop asking that stupid question and take your pine needles.

It's 16 degrees this morning. The hoophouse dropped to 27 overnight. That's a good deal of difference compared with the outdoor temperature. Some of the seeds in there need a little cold stratification. They'll get it.

I'll be working again this evening, but I have to split more firewood today. Once I get moving, it will be okay. I'm just having a hard time changing from my warm, comfy pajamas into cold, stiff work pants.

8:50am. Jeez...the temperature just dropped to 14. The sun is out. WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?

11:43am - It's 30 degrees and sunny. I've got two days worth of firewood in the basement. I'll do more tomorrow and Wednesday. The parents are coming up Saturday to help split and chop a good bit at one time. My nephew just loves running the wood splitter. More power to him.

At the end of the driveway, the containers around the edge of the pile are still frozen solid.

The ones in the middle are showing signs of melting condensation.

Obviously, there are no sprouts to speak of yet. It's only been two days. But in the garden, this silly sedum doesn't seem to care. Or maybe it's freeze dried keeping the color intact. All the others are brown clumps.


Darla said...

FRIGID for sure!! It's way too cold here and will be for too long this stay warm. Tell your customers, no, it's not cold enough for you!

Tom - 7th Street Cottage said...

Darla, I know you all are suffering too. It's not supposed to be like this. I just mumble a few choice words under my breath as it freezes and hits the ground in front of me.

Jimmy said...

It is 21 here, but it was 18 earlier this morning. I "turned" the logs on (lol), but it screws up the thermostat and the back of the house gets cold.

Tom - 7th Street Cottage said...

Jim, My logs are roaring this morning too. Unfortunately, I have to split more of them to keep it going. If it gets any worse, I'll be hanging the hammock in the basement and sleeping down there. The cat can fend for herself. She's got more hair than I do.

We're up to 21 now.

L. D. said...

I have a blogger friend in Minn. that got to 37 below. After it gets so cold it becomes irrelevant as it just plain miserable. We don't need to get a ruler out and measure. We are told that the front of Arctic air is hovering over Minn. and it isn't going to move for a while. Hang in there and go home and get warm.

Nell Jean said...

I'm tired of cold already. I like my winter one night at a time, preferably with 7 days of warm in between.

Tom - 7th Street Cottage said...

LD, I'm glad I have you around here to put things in perspective, but really, I couldn't live up there. If it requires a minus sign to post the weather, I'd move as soon as I thawed enough to get into the truck. I would leave my belongings and head south just as fast as I could.

Nell, I'm with you. One or two days, then in the or three days, then in the 50s. This is ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

Living where I do, we tend to take the cold in stride for the most part. :) I'm most impressed by that one, determined sedum!

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

I've been hearing on the news about all the cold you're having down there. Hope it warms up.
I see you have your Spring countdown up, I have one but it's not on my blog yet. I guess it's not to early to start counting down the days yet. I'll be putting mine on very soon.

two vegan boys said...

Just found your blog. I really like it. I look forward to reading more. Stay warm.

F Cameron said...

It will end, but I hear we're in for weeks and weeks of this. I've not really been outside for a month due to being sick, so we're heading to Southern California later this week-- need 70 degrees and gonna get it somehow! LOL


Tom - 7th Street Cottage said...

Nancy, we just aren't used to this kind of cold, day after day.

Catherine, I live for spring. If I were counting days til my last frost, I'll need to add another 30 days. Not ready for that yet.

Welcome Two Vegan Boys. Enjoy the ride. :)

Cameron, I'm heading to Orlando in February. I figure the last of the cold will set in while I'm gone. It's freezing down there too tonight.

JWLW said...

HI Tom, First time on your blog. You are getting what is typical for us in NH. First time for us to winter sow, so very interested in your posts.

Enjoy your day,

Karin SKARA said...

May 2010 bring you health, happiness and prosperity.
Warm wishes for a wonderful 2010!
Karin //

Tom - 7th Street Cottage said...

Welcome John. Wintersowing is a great way to increase your gardens without spending an arm and a leg. Be sure to check out the December post on Wintersowing a Cottage Garden. It'll show you the process I went through last year to create the perennial bed next to the driveway.

Welcome to you too Karin. Thanks for the well wishes. I hope your 2010 is as wonderful as it can be.