Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I couldn't wait any longer. The ground is soggy and wet, but my fingers are itchy to be in real dirt. So I moved a few plants that not only tolerate wet soil, but thrive in them.

The magnolia has been moved to the gully, behind the fallen oak tree.

Redtwig dogwoods got moved from the driveway border to the gully too. It's going to be a never ending fight to remove the ivy that grows on my side of the stream, but it has to be done. As soon as I see new growth in the spring, I'll weed whack it and start spraying, pulling, and cussing.

While I was down there, I picked up enough stones to finish edging the rose garden. The last one was a fighter.

I also transplanted the sweet gum I brought back at Christmas from the parents. It had been living in a one gallon pot beside the garage door through the last cold snap. It's got nice buds on the tips of the branches, so I think it should survive just fine. It's also planted in the gully, but a little further from the stream. I love the foliage, but hate the seed pods. So it's relegated to an out of the way spot where I rarely walk and never barefoot.

It's 46 degrees and cloudy. Rain is supposed to be moving in this afternoon. The temperatures will drop overnight returning us to normal January weather of 50s/30s. It was nice while it lasted.

In the hoophouse, I set out a few more of the wintersown containers I did last night. Sixteen quarts were done. Four 2-liters were placed at the end of the driveway. I saw more rudbeckia sprouts. I've decided to leave it alone for a week. I'm out of space anyway. Small tip cuttings of Carla's fig went into a container in the hoophouse as well.

Spring can't get here soon enough.

- lunch break. Although the weather indicator says it's cloudy, it's not. The sun has been out today since noon. It's 68 degrees. I'm sweating.


Unknown said...

How great that you're able to transplant again! We're months from that here, but I am thinking eagerly about all the to-dos that will come in spring.

Darla said...

How busy you always are...I'm sure the cussing will make all the difference to the Ivy, lol.

Nell Jean said...

Transplanting just calls out, doesn't it? I have a crape myrtle or two to move when I feel up to all that digging. I took cuttings yesterday of pineapple sage to trade to Susie for some native sage she grows at Jones Lab for the butterfly garden. I took cuttings of my leggy licorice plant.

I pruned some azaleas in the wrong season to make a path where I've meant to have a path for 3 years.
I thought about making cuttings, but there are little rooted pieces all along the edges I can transplant any time now.

Weatherman said there are 2 fronts to move in here and more cold following the last one. The first one may bring some bad weather -- there's always fear of tornadoes when there's warm winter weather and a storm.

Love your magnolia. I thought of a spot yesterday where I could place a 'Little Gem.'

Tom - 7th Street Cottage said...

Jodi, I have a huge list of things I want to move. It's a good time here since our ground never really freezes. We did get some frozen top soil in the early weeks of January.

Darla, if the cussing don't help, the RoundUp will. ;)

Nell, I'm itching to take some cuttings too. Maybe tomorrow. I need more forsythia for the top of the retaining wall that holds the yard back from the gully. I also want to put some more pyracantha along the gully. I saw some birds out there this morning looking for berries. They're all gone now, but I know there will be lots more next year. I'm tired of buying birdseed.

That magnolia was a rooted branch I found several years ago. I stuck it in dirt and it grew. I hope it does well back there. It'll fill a large hole made when the tree came down.

Darla said...

I cuss sometimes while using the Round-up!!

Anonymous said...

The recent warm up has me ready to get into the garden. I keep checking out what you are doing so I can get some ideas for the flower beds.

L. D. said...

It is nice that you can get that stuff moved before the real spring weather get's there.

Unknown said...

Your "itching to work in the garden" comes through loud and clear through your writing! How wonderful that you are able to express your passion so eloquently....and that you have the energy to do so after a day of gardening!