Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Back to my roots

In the basement, the plants in the cloner don't know that it's the dead of winter. The brug cuttings, lantana, and even a couple of Carla's roses are pushing out new root growth.

One lantana is about to bloom.

Something funky came back with the roses from Carla's former house. I've treated the entire cloner with Spectracide to kill whatever it is. Another day and I will need to clean it out, resticking the cuttings that haven't rooted and potting up those that have.

The willow and redtwig dogwood are showing actual roots too.

Outside, it's sunny and 21 degrees. The hoophouse stands at 29. The 10 day forecast is nearly unbelievable after the past two weeks. My wintersown containers will be sprouting green in two weeks if this holds true. By mid February, the green tide will be rolling across the yard. Daffodils might even break the surface.

More firewood to haul into the basement today. Work this evening. The lull appears to be wearing thin.

5:17pm - Been at work for 4 hours. Having "lunch". It's 45 degrees. The hoophouse is at 53. Can't wait for Friday.


Anonymous said...

Lantana is my favourite plant, I think -- I just love the gradation of those bright and/or subtle colours. And they're bee magnets -- a great thing. All your shoots look healthy!

Darla said...

Your roots are looking great!! Our temps are supposed to be warming as well. I am just about to go out back and try my hand at wintersowing, hope it's not too you know anything about Sweet Autumn Clematis? I have some seeds and they didn't do well last year...well they didn't do at all!

Tom - 7th Street Cottage said...

Nancy, that lantana is one grown from seeds provided by Miss Huff. It's a pink/yellow combination. I didn't see many bees this year, but it seemed to bloom erratically. I need to put it in more sun.

Darla, Sweet Autumn clematis can take a couple years to germinate. They're best put into a container and set in a shady spot. Just forget about them. Cover the soil with leaves and make sure to water once in a while if you don't get normal rain. They're easier to get from cuttings. Some say it can be invasive, but having seen it growing down the street from me, I collected and planted seeds two years ago, but still nothing. Maybe this spring...

Darla said...

Well, I'll be dipped in peanut butter! I'll do as you said, I am also going to try putting some in a jug for funzies!!

Unknown said...

Your photos reassure me that spring is really coming...hopefully today we'll see the last of the snow melt in Atlanta! It may even hit 60 degrees here on Friday...time to jump in the pool!