Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Warm, in bed.

Outside, it's 27 degrees this morning. It's warmer than the forecast.

I didn't want to get out of bed today, but I have a lot of things to do. Firewood, stones, cleaning, laundry. Wearing half my clothes to work each day is taking a toll on me and my machines.

11:41am - I've spent the last hour and a half working on the gully. I cut some small firewood that won't need to be split. Some of it has been down since last summer, so it should burn well. I've cleared a lot of brush in the form of privet, which I know will regrow. I've moved limbs too small and numerous to burn in the heater to the edges creating a more open area. I've laid some rotting logs in the stream that still has water in it today. I'm trying to encourage frogs/toads to move in. There are way too many mosquitoes here in the summer.

I found a nice rock. Don't worry Nell, I'm not going to try to move this one. At first I thought I had uncovered the roof of a Volkswagen.

Standing on that rock, one can see other stones, bricks, etc that I found under an euonymous vine/shrub. It's the variety that has orange berries in the fall and a really thick wooden trunk. I cut it all the way back to the ground. I'm hoping I have time to clear the bricks and portable stones before it grows back.

I've got more to do. It's been a good morning so far. I needed some coffee and a warm period. It's 34 degrees.

1:24pm - I'm done cutting wood for the day. I've got a lot done. There's still a lot left to do. That tree took down many more when it fell. I've found downed maples, dogwoods, a whole bunch of flowering quince, and lots of little sapplings. Of course, there's privet under there too.

The bricks have been tossed across the stream. I'm going to let that side grow back the way it wants. It's not my property so my main concern is making sure I have an evergreen edge on my side of the stream. I'm afraid that some day, the owners of the rental house next door will sell the lot and something will happen to all that forested area.

Next up, lunch, then splitting firewood. First, I have to let my toes thaw. It's 36 degrees and windy.

2:53pm - And I am done outside. It's 39 degrees, but I have finally reached my stopping point. I'm exhausted. Going to spend some time tonight really managing the fire to get the house warmed up. I might even build a fire in the fireplace in the living room. The cat has had enough of this cold. She needs to be warmed.


Darla said...

You sporting the layerd look huh? My husband too, he's a construction superintendent, so he's back and forth between his job trailer and the job. It's 25 here now, going to be 15 Sunday morning....I would tell you to drink some coffee, but I already know that you drink a lot of it!! Stay warm!!

L. D. said...

That is the kind of temperature that slowly chills you to the bones. You can be so active and not realize your feet are starting to get numb. You have a nice place to develop there and that rock is wonderful. It is the foundation for something new. Maybe a rock sculpture or a structure that you could build for a focal point. We are getting fresh snow today to clean up all of the snow that is still out there. It is never to cold to snow.

Unknown said...

It sounds like you're having a really productive day in spite of the ridiculous weather!

Anonymous said...

That is way too much work to do as cold as it is. You need to stock up on bread and milk before the snow gets here!!

Tom - 7th Street Cottage said...

Darla, I have to go inside then out, then in, then out. I never know how to dress. So it's got to be layers. Plus, it's an insulating effect.

LD, I didn't think it was that cold while I was working. I was sweating. But my feet were freezing when I came in this evening. It's hot in the basement and a comfortable 67 upstairs.

Tim, every day off is productive. Even if I'm just sitting around.

Chad/Brandy, we're not going to get snow. And even if we do, it'll be gone before morning. So sayeth them weathermen who are ALWAYS right.