Saturday, January 16, 2010


It's 28 degrees at 5am. By late afternoon, we'll be in the upper 50s again. Overnight, rain in the mid 40s.

New pansies will be arriving today. I'll try to get some more painting done this afternoon when work is done, if I can lift my arms. Moving several hundred concrete blocks at work yesterday has taken a toll on my muscles. Getting older is no fun.

- Lunchtime. Popped in for another cup of coffee and to check the mail. Received cuttings yesterday of Marseilles fig. Got them in the fridge. Need to clean and bleach them to store for another month before sticking them outside. It's trying to be sunny and 48 degrees. 62 is the forecast. Come on sunshine.


Darla said...

Getting older beats the alternative~ It's 56 at 7:30 this morning and raining...Wonder what color pansies you'll get...

Unknown said...

we seem to be getting back to normal here as well after the hard freeze that hit us last week. my garden is crispy, but i mulched with leaves from our trees a good 6 inches or more on everything, and i peeked at the base of a couple plants and there was still green down there so i think (i hope) they'll come back in the spring..;)

and i hear you about getting older. certainly don't bounce as quick as i did in my 20's..haha epson salt baths help..;)

Randy Emmitt said...


Getting old sucks doesn't it. When I was your two of us carried 400+ blocks down a mountain hillside for the foundation of a duplex house.

Got the roof plywood on the porch we are building for my customer yesterday and boxed out the eaves too!

Nell Jean said...

New pansies? NEW PANSIES? I hope that means I'll find new violas in Alabama when we go again to Lowes. Violas are all that have bloomed right on through that awful cold. I 'need' yellow and purple and maybe some pinkish ones.

We are having rain. Plants will appreciate the humidity, it sure was dry when it was so cold.

Darla said...

Guess what? I now have 19 winter sown are laughing aren't you?

Tom - 7th Street Cottage said...

Darla, you're right. We got all the colors today. I had them send a mix.

Cat, epson salts are also good for tomatoes and brugmansia. I'm sure those plants will be fine. If not, replace them with something new.

Randy...Randy...Randy. Better you than me. Even as active as I am, some repetitive activities just make me hurt all over.

Nell, the rain is coming to us tonight. It's been very dry lately. I'm looking forward to it.

I ordered pansies cause ours were mushy. We've clearanced out all the old ones and filled the front sidewalk with color. It's very happy.

Darla, keep counting. Just wait. You'll reach 100 in no time.