Sunday, January 24, 2010


Under the lights in the basement, I've got a jar of water rooting pussywillow and redtwig dogwood. In the kitchen window, cuttings from a weeping willow have been given the same treatment.

All of these will be planted where water is still flowing from neighboring parcels into the gully. Already sopping wet, more rain is in the forecast today. Flash flood watches were issued last night for our area. Heavy rain and possibly thunderstorms will pass through sometime after noon. Behind it, a cold front will bring cooler temperatures including a few nights of freezing weather.

After a couple years of drought, it's hard to complain about rain. Unfortunately, it's coming at the wrong time of the year. The ground is already soggy. Unless the forecast changes, it will be weeks before I can get out and actually dig in the soil.

This afternoon, I need to water all of my indoor plants again. Some of the pineapple sage decided to curl up and turn crispy overnight. I need to pot some of the rooted cuttings in the cloner, and take more pineapple sage cuttings from the remaining plants. I do want a lot of this wonderful fall bloomer this year. I plan to put a little everywhere.

It's 43 degrees. The high today should reach 60. Overnight, the temperature in the house fell from 71 degrees to 67. I woke up sweating.


Darla said...

My mom had a pussy willow tree. Sorry your pineapple sage curled and turned's raining here at 7:30 a.m. maybe thunderstorms later today...cooler temps behind the rain, hopefully NOT freezing

Lisa said...

At least the pussy willows will like the soggy soil.

But, just think about how we're FINALLY getting groundwater recharged, although maybe that's not so critical for you folks on the coast.

But, I share your impatience with being slowed in getting out there and getting beds ready!