Monday, January 25, 2010

After it rained...

Gorgeous day. Simply stunning. It's still windy, but it's 61 degrees and sunny. All this week, we'll be tempting frost with near freezing lows and 50-60 degree highs. More rain at the end of the week. I can live with this.


The tea olives are blooming again by the front door.

Even the heucheras are putting out new growth.


Darla said...

I was trying so hard to read the name on the label in your sprouts...Tea Olives smell divine..I actually have some sprouts in my winter sown containers..thanks to you!

David in Greensboro said...

Tea Olives blooming and Heucheras putting out new growth already? Guess that's the difference a hundred or so miles makes--none of that in Greensboro yet.