Monday, January 18, 2010

I have a sprout.

It's in a container in the hoophouse. I didn't have my camera yesterday while flipping the batteries around in the wireless thermometer. Yes, I put them in backwards. No, I still don't have a signal. It's in a container with red canna seeds. I'm pretty sure it's not a red canna, but a weed. That's the bad thing about sowing seeds in recycled soil. Or maybe it's a pansy.

It's 48 degrees this morning. The next three days are going to be incredible. Real sprouts should be coming along shortly in the hoophouse, possibly in the driveway containers.

The 10 day forecast.

11:51am - lunch. It's 57 degrees and climbing steadily. I just checked the hoophouse. Other containers have sprouted. These are not weeds (I Hope).


Rudbeckia hirta

Pak Choy

Other containers in the driveway are showing signs of sprouting soon. Siberian wallflowers have cracked their shells and are sending out roots. I should see green in a few more days.


Darla said...

Told you the batteries were backwards. I can't wait until I have a sprout....and I know you will be showing photos of yours...

Cherry Lane said...

I see you have a new profile pic. You're looking very intense.

Tom - 7th Street Cottage said...

Darla, you were right. But it's still not working. I wonder if the humidity is too high in there for it.

Yes Cherry. I cut my hair last night for the summer. I wanted a couple pictures to remember it when it's gone for good in a few days. The other picture was a "few" years old. It's hard to smile into the bathroom mirror without looking like a maniac.

Darla said...

This is way exciting Tom. Had to come back and have another look see. I posted about what happened Saturday night...
After my over charged heart recovers from 243 beats per minute and a heart stopping medicine (literally) and a trip to The Doctor this afternoon, hopefully I can get back out there and get busy. Our weather is so beautiful today!!

Moonstone Gardens said...

Congratulations on your new babies,